Gun trafficking

On April 13,ATF Agent John Dodson, with assistance from Agents Casa and Alt, directed a cooperating straw purchaser to give three guns to Isaiah Fernandez, a suspected gun trafficker, and had taped the conversations without prosecutor approval.

Agents interviewed during the investigation repeatedly asserted that only one isolated incident of "gunwalking" ever occurred, and was performed independently by ATF Agent John Dodson who later appeared on CBS News as a whistleblower to denounce the gunwalking scandal as part of an unauthorized solo action outside the larger Fast and Furious operation.

Indictments began inover three years after Wide Receiver concluded. Yee claims the military individuals on the site who are "desensitized to real-life violence through the online violent video games. An Attorney General who I suppose you would hold in higher regard was briefed on these kinds of tactics in an operation called Wide Receiver and did nothing to stop them—nothing.

Prosecutors alleged that, over a two-year period, Weichselbaum ran his narcotics operation from Miami, Florida, where he was a playboy who lived in a Biscayne Boulevard condo and worked at an auto dealership founded by his Gun trafficking brother Franklyn. ATF field agents and the cooperating gun dealer had been told by ATF supervisors that the guns were being interdicted before they could reach Mexico, but only 64 of the guns had actually been seized.

Yee was accused of dealing firearms without a license and illegally importing firearms. The [more] Judge dismissing 16 lawsuits against FBI NICS criticizes agency for poor policies A total of 16 lawsuits that were filed by the family members and the survivors of the mass shooting inside a church in Charleston, South Carolina were all dismissed by a federal judge.

Byhowever, Weichselbaum had recovered enough to arrange family vacations to Aspen, Colorado and a Christmas trip to Hawaii. Police also stated that 56 weapons were recovered in the investigation.

He was subpoenaed because of the role he might have played in the operation, and in the letter sent from the DOJ to Senator Grassley in February that claimed the ATF did not allow weapons to be trafficked to Mexico.

FBI agents were seen coming out with boxes and trash bags full of evidence that they loaded into an SUV. He had been at odds with ATF management since he filed a complaint over tactics in an unrelated case in He was later convicted of gun charges and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

He and other agents then contacted Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa R—IAranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committeewho would become a major figure in the investigation of "gunwalking".

East Quogue Man Arrested In Connection With Gun Trafficking Operation In Suffolk County

Police accused Yasmine White, 25, of Mastic Beach as being in charge of the illegal firearms operation for more than a year, with her father, Timothy White Sr.

Since then, there has been a steady increase in the killings, which reached a record last year, the majority committed with guns. Attorney Burke announced his resignation after being questioned by Congressional investigators earlier that month.

We used to bind women's feet and that was unhealthy for the woman". The case soon grew to over two dozen straw purchasers, the most prolific of which would ultimately buy more than weapons. Despite clearing the Federal Bureau of Investigation from any legal obligation in allowing the shooter, Dylann Roof, [more] Californian Democrat suggests federal buyback program for assault weapons to curb gun violence While most gun control advocates have so far stayed away from the topic of confiscation, a Democrat in California is now suggesting that the government should compensate those that would voluntarily turn in their weapons.

Leland Yee

The parish recorded murders last year and 11 persons killed so far this year. The report also said that Fast and Furious resulted from a change in strategy by the Obama Administration. Did you know that the U.

As reported in Septemberthe Mexican government stated that an undisclosed number of Gun trafficking found at about crime scenes were linked to Fast and Furious. Applicants are invited to submit innovative proposals describing how they will advance transformational programs and projects that seek to achieve a measurable and substantial reduction of the prevalence of modern slavery in targeted populations in priority countries or jurisdictions.

There must be condemnation from the state," and that the Mexican Senate condemned the actions of the ATF.

Inthere was a massive outcry in Westmoreland and expressions of fear as the parish recorded 51 murders. According to federal agents, Weichselbaum seen at left in a recent selfie purchased kilos of cocaine from two Colombian brothers, Francisco and Walter Ramirez, who operated from Miami.

Yet Yee opposed CA Proposition 15 on the June 8, statewide ballot in California which, had it been enacted, would have raised fees on registered lobbyists in California to fund with matching grants political campaigns for qualified candidates running for the Office of the California Secretary of State as a pilot project in and Just be a free agent there.

SEPTEMBER While we knew that Tinky Winky was gay, TSG was unaware of the Teletubbies cocaine connection. When federal officials in New York yesterday announced the. The Violence Policy Center is a national tax-exempt educational organization working for a safer America through research, investigation, analysis, and advocacy.

One year veteran of ATF's Tucson office told us that before Operation Wide Receiver, all of ATF's trafficking cases were very similar in their simplicity: ATF would get a tip from an FFL [Federal Firearms Licensee] about a buyer who wanted a large number of firearms and information about when the transaction was scheduled to take place, and would.

Early life and education. Leland Yee immigrated to San Francisco, California from his birthplace of Taishan, Guangdong, China, when he was three years old and later became a naturalized American father served in the United States Army and the United States Merchant Marine.

Yee attended middle school in San Francisco, at what is now. UNITED NATIONS OFFICE ON DRUGS AND CRIME Model Law against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Their Parts and Components and Ammunition. Leland Yin Yee (Chinese: 余胤良; pinyin: Yú Yìnliáng, born November 20, ) is a former Democratic California State Senator for District 8, which when he was elected, covered parts of San Francisco and the izu-onsen-shoheiso.comYee pleaded guilty to felony racketeering charges for money laundering, public corruption and bribery.

U.S. Department of State

Prior to becoming state senator, Yee was a California State.

Gun trafficking
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California state Sen. Leland Yee arrested on bribery, arms dealing charges - CBS News