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Rick Snyder

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The Tula 30 Carbine ammo is sub-standard. Why I Am Doing This Now Unfortunately, there is little that we can do, that we have not already done, to dissuade Rick from the path that he has chosen.

Florida Representative Dane Eagle submitted a letter to Governor Rick Scott, asking him to declare a state of emergency.

Eagle says the declaration would be for the blue-green algae blooms from.

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The Virginia gubernatorial election of was held on November 7, Incumbent Governor Terry McAuliffe of the Democratic Party was not eligible to run for reelection due to term limits established by the Virginia Constitution.

Primary elections took place on June 13, Virginia utilizes an open primary, in which registered voters are allowed to vote in either party's primary election. When one arm of the government fails to speak to another, bizarre things occur.

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He had the audacity to coach a Kentucky team that didn't have a single black player against Texas Western which had five black starters.

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