Writing a compiler in clojurescript

They were pointed at this talk from RubyConfwhich seemed to hit a lot of people right in the feels, and sparked a subthread with a life of its own.

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ClojureScript: Up and Running

First, as someone who likes JavaScript and enjoys writing it, there are some borderline inflammatory statements in here. The only thing you need to know about LISP for now is that for every function call, put the open parenthesis in front of the function name and stack all closing ones on the same line: The usage of high level functions is one of the key concepts of functional programming and they act like reusable building blocks for your program much like Tetris pieces.

Clojure is also a dialect of LISP, this is a design decision based on some interesting properties of LISP to make the language more extensible explained later.

In contrast, a form-1 component renders the hiccup directly. The vals function extracts all values from a map and the every. We would like to write interop against this library but have certainty that either the correct externs will be automatically generated or the compiler will notify us of externs we must additionally supply.

Now, given a source file such as this: However, you do need to close any handles you create.

ClojureScript: Up and Running by Luke VanderHart, Stuart Sierra

Although the API makes it appear as if the view is just a pointer, that pointer is really a resource that needs managing, just like the file and file mapping objects. I have been self-employed for many years, but I knew that sooner or later I wanted to try my hand at selling a product, rather than selling my time.

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This is very powerful: Spec Posted Sun, 25 Sep With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. I love using the library, but I wanted to try one of the several compile to JavaScript options, and I decided to look into ClojureScript.

We simply need to type-hint x with the foreign type for this interop call: There are others e. It is available on Github and Clojars. ClojureScript refers to the Clojure → JS compiler but within the community it’s also used for Clojure code that runs on JS engines (i.e.

doesn’t contain Java API calls). Clojure is also a dialect of LISP, this is a design decision based on some interesting properties of LISP to make the language more extensible (explained later). How to setup Leiningen/ClojureScript compiler to support user scripts?

User scripts require to start with a metadata block. How one can setup Leiningen and/or ClojureScript compiler to insert predefined metablock from e.g. a text file? I have tried following: I wanted to start learning Clojure by writing simple user scripts which I may.

This means the ClojureScript compiler, which is written in Clojure and runs on the JVM, is used to compile itself to JavaScript.

[Clojure] [GSoC] Mentor for self-hosting ClojureScript compiler project?

This way the JVM is no longer needed, all you need is a JavaScript runtime to compile and run ClojureScript code, which in this case is provided by izu-onsen-shoheiso.com A new Hiccup compiler for Clojurescript Summary.

In this post I’ll introduce a new hiccup compiler for Clojurescript that: Never interprets at runtime, thus has zero runtime overhead guaranteed.

If you are interested in writing a compiler for a functional language (rather than a procedural one) Simon Peyton-Jones and David Lester's "Implementing functional languages: a tutorial" is an excellent guide.

Why I chose ClojureScript over JavaScript

Writing Macros. Macros are applied during the compilation process. They do not exist at runtime. Because the ClojureScript compiler is implemented in Clojure, ClojureScript macros must be written in Clojure, not ClojureScript.

Fortunately, Clojure and ClojureScript are almost identical when it comes to manipulating data structures, so switching.

Writing a compiler in clojurescript
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ClojureScript - Externs